Our prices.

*Proof of insurance provided upon request

Residential. Vacation Rental. Move-in Move-out. Commercial. One-time clean.

$45 per hour

*minimum $100 charge for cleaning.


Square Footage (pricing varies by job site condition)

0-1499: $0.25/sqft. to $0.35/sqft.

1500-2999: $0.20/sqft. to $0.30/sqft.

3000-4999: $0.15/sqft. to $0.25/sqft.

5000+: $0.10/sqft. to $0.20/sqft.

Additional Location Charge

For cleanings outside Bozeman including Big Sky, Ennis, and more, an additional travel fee of $1/mile will be added to the invoice.

Commercial and Construction.

General rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, garage, etc. Includes wiping down trim, walls, light fixtures, doors, cabinets, shelving, drawers, handrails, and blinds. Mirrors, shower doors, and other glass surfaces cleaned. Sanitized and cleaned appliances, sinks, faucets, excess caulking, and other debris. Stairs and floors vacuumed, swept, and mopped.

Residential. Vacation Rentals. One-time clean. Move-in Move-out.

Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and general rooms. Includes wiping down and dusting all surfaces including trims and baseboards. Beds and linens changed. Mirrors, toilets, and showers, shower doors, and tubs cleaned. Trash emptied and liners replaced. Sinks and faucets cleaned and sanitized. Appliances wiped down. Floors vacuumed, swept, and mopped.

Extra services include laundry cleaning and folding, dusting blinds, dishes washed, deep cleaning specified areas, dry-cleaning pick-up, and drop-off.

*The services above are not limited to the description provided. Basic cleaning is given to each client with optional extra requests.